Thursday, 22 May 2008

Harvey / Mancuso mixes from the Tirk Vaults

While we're on the subject of Tirk, in their previous incarnation as the iconic Nuphonic label, they hosted a fantastic show on London Indie radio station XFM - here we've got a David Mancuso show with Cosmo narrating over Loft Classics and snippets of interview with Mancuso himself, and a nice Harvey hour from around the same time (2000 ) featuring his trademark brew of spacey disco, cosmic rock, the odd Black Cock classic, and much more besides. Please fell free to post up tracklistings.

Mancuso London Xpress (Part1)
Mancuso London Xpress (Part 2)

Harvey London Xpress (Part 1)
Harvey London Xpress (Part 2)

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Monday, 19 May 2008

Architeq - Birds of Prey ( Unreleased Kelpe mix ) (Tirk)

The inimitable Tirk recently broke out of the disco ghetto for a bit and returned to more eclectic NYPC / Fujiya & Miyaga style waters with Arqiteq's 'Bird of Prey'EP, the work of 23yr old Londoner Sam Annand. The three carefully crafted tracks of dubby electronics, fractured beats and hints of jazz may have confused some, but pleased many more; It's slow and hypnotic and fat, and will hopefully be appearing on vinyl soon .