Friday, 18 July 2008

Barringtone @ the Old Blue

Last months' Dollop @ the Old Blue last was cool. Sure, it was a bummer spotting all the A + R faces around and realising why the manager of 'We Have Band ' had stopped returning my calls, but there was a nice vibe and a hip young crowd.

So I thought I'd pop off to see Barringtone down there tonight, what with two of our Plugs boys in the band and the legendary Barry from Clor at the helm. But a bottle of Tesco Rose and pissing rain derailed things a bit, and so it was the Corry double header and a quiet grape buzz instead.

To make up for it, here's the Barringtone mix of Plugs' 'That Number' from the forthcoming 'Plugs Rewired' 12" on People In the Sky. It sounds a bit like Moroder dropping acid and getting bummed by the Aphex Twin up a dark Milanese alley, with Morgan Plugs occasionally rapping over the resulting disco-noir racket, and it's great.


Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Other Godfather of Cosmic...

We like this photo of Beppe Loda and Prins Thomas working it somewhere in Russia . Thomas is sweaty and bearded and half smiling as he tweaks the EQS, Loda looks like my wife's dad, but with what looks like a Bogdan Irkuk t shirt on, which he's belted for good measure.

Loda's allowed to take fashion risks though, because he basically preceded Baldelli and invented 'Afro', and probably Cosmic as well. Read a good potted account of Loda's role in it all, 1976 onwards, here :

And check out the Loda produced classic from 1982, MC1's recently re-issued 'Egotrya ',for some proper Space Disco.


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Smashy and Nicey Conducting Nuremburg Rally

It's good to see the more populist end of dance music in such fine fettle .

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Mandela Birthday Gig Debacle

We can't actually remember whether Amy Winehouse did her two Specials covers at the Mandela gig or Glastonbury, such a bumper-bonanza /vaguely hideous weekend of sofa-bound, passive rock n'roll consumption was it that just passed. Either way, they were atrocious Blues Brothers/Commitments style student union boogie death rinses of once great tunes, and we're now VERY over the Southgate basket case.

But the real lowpoint of the weekend was Queen headlining the Mandela gig, the same Queen that in 1984 broke the ANC - supported cultural boycott of Apartheid South Africa to play Sun City, who took the blood money and ignored the express wishes of those in the frontline stuggle . The bands' heroine, Thatcher, had declared Mandela a terrorist at the time, so we're not surprised they did the dirty back then , but why the stinking, hypocritical , Tory sons of bitches got invited to headline Mandela's birthday bash twenty three years later is anyone's guess. It's a bad world out there, truly.