Friday, 18 July 2008

Barringtone @ the Old Blue

Last months' Dollop @ the Old Blue last was cool. Sure, it was a bummer spotting all the A + R faces around and realising why the manager of 'We Have Band ' had stopped returning my calls, but there was a nice vibe and a hip young crowd.

So I thought I'd pop off to see Barringtone down there tonight, what with two of our Plugs boys in the band and the legendary Barry from Clor at the helm. But a bottle of Tesco Rose and pissing rain derailed things a bit, and so it was the Corry double header and a quiet grape buzz instead.

To make up for it, here's the Barringtone mix of Plugs' 'That Number' from the forthcoming 'Plugs Rewired' 12" on People In the Sky. It sounds a bit like Moroder dropping acid and getting bummed by the Aphex Twin up a dark Milanese alley, with Morgan Plugs occasionally rapping over the resulting disco-noir racket, and it's great.


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