Monday, 4 August 2008

" It's a Long Way, Down Kingsland Ro-oad..."

From a crummy basement in Dalston to a sprawling loft in Shoreditch, Disco Bloodbath may have only travelled half a mile down the Kingsland Road for last Saturday nights’party, but the vast glitter balls, elegant drapes and outside terrace in EC1 spoke loudly of a club night on the move, riding the wave of a scene on the way up.

And inevitably it wasn’t just the venue that was different. A bigger space needed more people, and more people they got. The Bloodbath regulars were joined by what we boozily, but not TOO snidely, guessed were a combination of : minimal heads after a long overdue change, fashionista’s fleeing the cooling embers of noo rave, and general Hoxton weekenders searching out the disco heat they’d been hearing about.

So the energy levels weren’t necessarily up to Visions levels, and like the Punks who claim it was all over by 1977 and the Shoomers who considered acid house dead by 1989, there’ll be those from the original Dalston Disco Hardcore who don’t think it’s as good as it was, and they’re probably right - nothing ever is .

But we’re glad Bloodbath heads back to Dalston next month, and whilst there’ll probably be Disco Sucks record burning rallies in Hackney Dogs stadium by summer 09', after Mixmag and the Sunday Times Style and Travel have done their worst, you’ve got to remember the Paradise Garage was at it’s best a good five years after Comiskey Park . “We're just like Roaches baby, never dying, always living….”

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