Saturday, 6 September 2008

mercury shmercury

After a decade of self inflicted misery endured during my mispent youth, I don't gamble much anymore. But I've done well out of the Mercury over the last few years, and I had a fairly big punt on Radiohead this time. The reasoning was simple: "In Rainbows" was a strong album, from a legendary band that had turned the industry model on it's head when leaving Guy Hands' hedge fund major for Rich Russell's world beating indie XL yada yada. And Russell himself was due a slap on the back from the industry anyway .

And, importantly, the only real competition, Burial, was committed to anonymity, that was his thing, and there was no way the Mercury lot and BBc2 were going to base a televised awards ceremony around a non attender.

Of course that little part of the theory was blown out of the water when the formerly mysterious 'Will from Croydon' came bounding out of the closet, wagging his tail and ready to join the Mercury circus with the kind of enthusiasm only a potential 100 k sales hike can inspire inspire .

And so lo and behold, Burial's odds on favourite, and the 4 -1 I snapped up on Radiohead at Betfair is long gone as desperate layers offer 6-1 upwards. But I had another listen to both Burial albums the other day, and the otherworldy, warm but alienated, post rave afterglow still burns strong, but....I do wonder whether the whole Burial thing is just a bit one dimensional, a bit one paced, one magical idea stretched JUST too far. For the sake of my wretched finances, I'm certainly hoping that twit Simon Frith and his motley Mercury crew think so.