Friday, 17 October 2008

it's been a long time...

It seems like a lifetime since we last posted, but we haven't been idle. As Rome burned, we partied with Daniel Wang (our favourite person, ever ) / Terje / the Bloodbath crew and Andy Blake in Berlin, and Friendly Fires a night later. We love Berlin, and disco, and the Fires, and we especially love them all mixed up together, with loads of booze and stuff.

We spent a week in Cannes talking to people about Kung Fu and German Arthouse movies of the 70's, we at last got a 3rd of the way through Kerouacs 'Visions of Cody', finally getting it, and most of all we've looked on in disgust as two of those fools who did most to continue Thatcher and Reagans' 'pigs in the trough' legacy of a de-regulated global financial sector bailed the self same pigs out with our money ( a big fuck you to Henry Paulson and Gordon Brown and the trough swillers everywhere).

But we also heard a lot of great music ( yo, dude who was boshing out cheesy fidget with his arms aloft at the 'Man Records' party at the Scala Berlin, we ain't talking about you ) and we got mesmerised by this, the John Daly mix of Beppe Loda's 'Volcano', soon coming on our People in the Sky imprint. Slo mo Italo space business at it's best. One day we'll build cathedrals dedicated to exploring our REAL desires, maybe the soundtrack will sound like this. The future is ours, the pigs are finished.